PhD Students

We are currently searching for a PhD student to join our team in exploring ways in which we can use our body when interacting with computers. Examples include

Body Configuration: body pose as a feedback mechanism in virtual reality, and full-body gestural interaction systems
Motion of the Body: movement as a feedback mechanism using electro-muscle stimulation and movement as a form of perception in haptic feedback.
Body Surface: exploring methods and design principles for using the skin as an input and output space
Inside the Body: designing systems that mediate the feedback process between cognitive and physical phenomena as well as exploring feedback mechanisms that are experienced internally to the body

We are searching for a PhD student interested in pushing the boundaries of Human Computer Interaction with us.

You will be working on the project Body-UI, awarded by the European Research Council for five years to Kasper Hornbæk ( The project combines results and methods from research on embodied cognition with recent advances in technologies for body-based UIs. We seek to understand the effect of body-based UIs on users’ thinking and on their experiences of interactive systems. We demonstrate such effects in controlled studies as well and by designing and prototyping body-based interactive systems. More details on the Body-UI project can be found at:

Why do a PhD in Copenhagen?

The Human-Centered Computing section at the University of Copenhagen offers a research environment with much freedom: to a large extent, you shape the research you work on and the ideas you pursue. Our section aspires to be a top research environment for human-computer interaction that bridges technology, theory, and empirical studies: we had eight papers at CHI 2016 (including two best paper awards), four papers at CHI 2015, and best paper awards at DIS 2014 and AVI 2014. Currently, three post docs and two PhD students work on BODY-UI.

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